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Malibu Mylk is an allergen free, flax mylk. Think MILK but without the dairy. It is also free of gluten, nuts and soy. At Malibu Mylk we are all about simple, clean ingredients that taste great that are good for our bodies and our environment. Our mindful mylk is sustainable, which means it is good for Mother Earth. We start with purified water and add organic flax, a touch of sweetness (in the original and barista blends) and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt. Not only is our mylk great to drink on its own, it is fabulous with coffee, in smoothies, baking or in cereal. Our product is super fresh and does requires refrigeration. 


Our mylk is filled with Omega 3's and fiber, so you can forgo that morning flax oil or sprinkle of flax seed in your oatmeal, because you'll be getting the nutrients from Malibu Mylk! 

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